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Final Report:

Regardless of the apparent lack of story, the first half year works due to being in full form of Vintage Venky. But, the second half does not do the same thing which progressively weakens. Overall, F2 is an average comedy entertainer for the duration of the festival. Soon go back to our frank review. – End of F2. Director Anil Rakupudi signs on F3, F2 sequel to the final card. – Every scene, trying to trigger virtually every scene comedy is an issue. – F2 The second half started in Europe. Harika (Tamanah) and Honey (Mehrin) decided to marry Prakash Raj sons to teach Vekki and Varun a lesson. Tit-for-tent scenes are running for some time.

First Half Report:

F2 Movie Review | F2 movie Public Talk | F2 Movie Review and Rating | F2 Full Movie

Vintage Wenky goes back to its byte and steals the word with its trademark expressions to the right. The purpose of every scene in the first half is to create fun and succeed with keeping all the logics aside. Overall, so far it’s a nice fun watch. – Frustrated Varun participated in his marriage to shock the females with their cobra (co-harassed). – Wenki Cobra is feeling the same heat from Varun Honey (Mehrien). – Both female leads increased heat in the song “Girra Gir” with a lot of skin shows. After some teasing, Venky and Varun Cobra (co-brothers) become. – Now, Varun started sharing his flashback about his girlfriend Honey (Mehrun). The song “Honey is the Best” is just fine. – Wenki’s wife Harika (Tamanah) started showing disappointment in a short time. By adding this, a sister of Harika (Tamanah) went into the house of Honey (Maherin) Venky. – Venky goes for Harika (Tamanah) Episode with Pele Choppulu. After the song “Ando Fun” in the wedding The song has been shot neatly. – F2 – Fun and frustration show starts with a chase scene in Europe. Venky and Varun take us back in their flashback episode. F2 – Fun and Frustration US Premier Live Update will start at 1 a.m. (2.30 hrs EST).

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